About Us: D-Zerts Medical Design Agency


Russian healthcare manufactuing company & medical consulting agency with European management perspective

  • Over 10 years of operation in the Russian market
  • 8 years of self-manufacturing  facility
  • Over 1500 medical clinics equipped with our products across Russia
  • Business activities in 85 administrative regions in  Russia and the CIS
  • ZERTS team has amassed over 150  years of cumulative working experience
  • Over 200 leading managers of medical clinics
  • Over 1000 doctors have attended courses on new technologies offered by ZERTS School
  • Over 100 successful medical consulting projects
  • Over 30 private medical clinics established “from scratch”


D-Zerts Medical Consulting Agency

  1. “One-Window-Solution” for private clinic setup. Optimization of start-up expenses
  2. Project management service
  3. Design of main concept and preparation of detailed business plan of  any project
  4. Estimation  of Cash Flow and  all financial parameters of  any project
  5. Risk management, Development Strategy, Financial Planning 
  6. Company style, corporate design, corporate Identity
  7. Corporate Website Design, Support and Promotion
  8. Market research plan. Patient’s attraction strategy
  9. Buying and selling of medical businesses
  10. Support of foreign institutional and private investors for investment projects with private medicine




     Victoria Shmatkova 



      Market research specialist . PhD (Economics)  MBA


Advantages of cooperation with D-Zerts Medical Consulting Agency for foreign entities

  • Market Entry in Russia
  • Marketing opportunities to promote products in Russia
  • Business development (selection of Russian partners , business support ) 

We provide our clients:

  • Individual Business Partners Search
  • Risk management for private and institutional investors for developing business with private medical clinic in Russia
  • Market Study and  Market Development
  • Trade Show and Exhibition Support and Assistance
  • Legal Service
  • Translation and Logistic Service

We guarantee:

  • Business Safety
  • Reliability
  • Quality


Our Team


What foreign investors can expect from cooperation with D- ZERTS:

  • Meticulous selection of reliable partner in Russia for long term cooperation.
  • Detailed feasibility study for perspective projects and estimated research of ROI in Russian medical market.
  • Legal advice and project auditing 
  • Comparative market research. Pricing strategy formation in Russian Market
  • Preparation of advertisement and promotion material in Russian Language
  • Certification and legalization with Russian government authorities (Ministry of Healthcare) all necessary deeds and permits required for foreign medical products
  • Shows and exhibition service in Russia for foreign partners.


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